Our Siberian cats

Our Queen

International Champion Rusalka Vistula*PL of Silva Carus*GB

Born: 20 April 2019

Health: HCM: neg; PKD: neg; PKdef (DNA test): neg; 

Type: Black golden tabby

Bio: At home we call her Tosia and she is absolutely perfect. Playful, talkative and mischievous – she is everything that a Siberian should be. She is doing very well at shows with both TICA and Fife, at just 11 months old, she’s won many Best in Breed titles and continues to win top awards at Tica. Tosia is a gorgeous girl and we are extremely proud of her.

Our Queen

International Champion Alenka Seren Silva Carus*GB

Born: 07 July 2020

Health: PKD: neg; PKdef (DNA test): neg; HCM: neg;

Type: Black tortie

Bio: Our very own Alenka from litter A. She is the daughter of Tosia (Rusalka Vistula*PL). Mischievous, brave and curious, just like her mom, Alenka never fails to make us all smile. We are expecting great things from her and can’t wait to take her to shows. She is a big, strong-boned girl with a beautiful colour and coat. Her character is also superb and we hope all her great qualities will be make for a fabulous start of our very own lines.

Our Queen

Champion Brianna Briee Sarina Silva Carus*GB

Born: 29 January 2021

Health: PKD: neg; PKdef (DNA test): neg; HCM: neg;

Colour: Black spotted tabby with white

Bio: Brianna is also Tosia’s (Rusalka Vistula*PL) daughter but from litter B. She’s a real cuddle bug and very chatty. She always comes running whenever called and is the softest character ever. Her gorgeous green eyes make a big impression and her spotted coat is absolutely gorgeous. 

Our Queen

Champion Fleur de Lys Malyj Enisei*IT of Silva Carus*GB

Born: 1 January 2021

Health: PKD: neg; PKdef (DNA test): neg; HCM scan: neg

Colour: Blue silver tortie spotted tabby with white

Bio: Our perfect Italian lady! She’s chatty, always knows what she wants and how she can get it. Adores being carried around while she kneads the air. She’s also very calm and superbly loving towards kittens, frequently mothering them.

Our King

Figaro Leosh Alexander Silva Carus*GB

Born: 29 January 2022

Health:  PKdef (DNA test): neg; PKD (DNA test): neg; HCM (DNA test): neg

Colour:  Black golden blotched tabby

Bio: Figi is the sweetest and funniest cat. He is a talker and will tell us what he wants. He has a gorgeous, full muzzle, big head and a beautiful, rich colour. He still has a lot of time before he fully matures, but it looks like he will be a really big boy! He loves cuddles, playing with kittens and mooching about in the garden. 

Our King

International Champion Castiel Benjamin Otis Silva Carus*GB

Born: 10 April 2021

Health: PKD: neg; PKdef (DNA test): neg; HCM: neg;

Colour:  Black silver shaded tabby with white

Bio: Our second male and what a beauty! Cass truly shows what a Siberian cat should look like – his coat is beautiful, full and fluffy. He is still at development stage and we are looking forward to seeing him mature. He has a fabulous personality. He loves cuddles, kneading pillows and purring. He is also quite partial to treats and could spend hours in the garden…no matter the weather.

Our future queens and kings

Jameela and Jolene Silva Carus*GB

Born: 29 October 2022

Health: Pending

Colour:  Black blotched tabby with white and bimetallic (sunshine silver) shaded tabby with white

Bio: These are the youngest daughters of our amazing Rusalka Vistula*PL. They are the sweetests, most playful kittens. The two are so different in colour, but in personality both are just perfect. We have very high hopes for the girls and look forward to seeing their development!

Our Neuters

Torres Happysib*PL of Silva Carus*GB

Born: 6 May 2017

Colour: Red solid with white

Uno Happysib*PL of Silva Carus*GB

Born: 6 May 2017

Colour: Black tabby with white

Bio: We call them Loki and Chester respectively. The boys came to us in 2017 as pets after we’ve found out my mother wasn’t allergic to them – it was quite a shock! We originally wanted just one kitten but fell in love with Chester when he came up to us for cuddles and fell asleep in my arms. They are the best proof that Siberians are addictive – it’s hard to stop at just one. The boys are growing nicely, at three years old they’re still developing.

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